UK’s Home Office Compensation For Anyone Who Was Requested To Provide DNA Evidence In Applications

UK's Home Office Building

Following a recent policy update which emphasised the need for immigration applicants not to be asked to provide DNA evidence in their applications, a new scheme has been set up to ensure anyone who was requested by the Home Office to provide DNA gets the cost of the DNA back.

A hotline and a taskforce have been set up by the Home Office to aid in receiving such claims from the public and expediting action on all such complaints.

As we recently reported, the Home Office sent out a policy update on the use of DNA in immigration applications after widespread concerns were raised that the Home Office had in the past sent letters to various applicants saying it was ‘imperative’ they supply DNA evidence despite policy stating it is ‘entirely voluntary.’

The new policy update made it entirely clear that officials were not to ask for DNA evidence from applicants to prove a familial match, and that a decision to provide such evidence should be entirely voluntary.

It also said that no negative inference can be drawn by the refusal of an applicant to provide DNA evidence.

Following the update, the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Sajid Javid, provided a further update in a speech to the House of Commons, outlining new measures taken to comply with the policy update including the establishment of the hotline and taskforce.

“On 24 October I established a Taskforce so that anyone who feels that their case may have been influenced in any way by an inappropriate demand for DNA testing, can receive advice and support. Details of how to contact the Taskforce were sent to honourable Members and publicised on Home Office social media channels as well as on As of 14 November, the telephone helpline had received a total of 25 calls. 17 of these calls have been referred to the Taskforce and are being actively reviewed.” he said.

“We will arrange reimbursement for individuals who contact us using the Helpline, if the individual has suffered financial loss because the Home Office required DNA evidence from them when we should not have.

“Likewise we will proactively contact individuals who are known to have been required to provide DNA evidence and did so, to arrange reimbursement.” he added.

Javid also made clear that several actions are being taken to ensure that employees are complying with the policy update, including the organization of “bespoke training sessions with frontline staff to ensure that operational practice aligns with the overarching policy position on the use of DNA evidence.”


If you made application to the Home Office in the past you were requested to provide DNA evidence by the Home Office, you may be entitled to get the cost of the DNA back (reimbursement) so contact us to discuss this at Adukus Solicitors on +447837576037 (Direct and Whatsapp) or +442071831479. 

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