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by Lawino on Adukus Solicitors
Visit visa refusal decision overturned!

My 71yr old mother applied for a UK visit visa in late July and was denied on grounds that she would not leave the UK once granted entry. The refusal letter outlined several baseless financial and immigration reasons to support their decision. The letter said the decision could not be appealed and the only option would be to reapply with no guarantees of a positive outcome.

Below is the timeline of our experience for those who would like to know what to expect:

Jul. 23 - Biometrics and application submitted at TLS UK Visa Application Centre

Same day, received 2 emails. First was email survey request about service (completed). Second was confirmation that the visa application had been sent to the Decision Making Centre in Pretoria.

Jul. 29 - Notification received from UKVI Pretoria that decision has been made and passport returned to processing center. Ps. We paid for Priority service hence the 6 day turnaround.

Aug. 01- Mum is notified via email to pick up passport from TLS

Aug. 02 - Pp picked up with denial decision. (whole family is heartbroken and incensed at the indignity)

Aug. 03 – Regrouped and reached out to Thomas Ddumba to see if we could appeal

Aug. 04-07 - Mum signs a POA, we pay legal fees, and gather more supporting documents for appeal packet.

Aug. 08 – Appeal packet posted via mail

Aug. 12 – Packet received by Clearance Office

Aug. 16 – Received a copy of email sent to Thomas confirming the decision to overturn the visa refusal and that client would be contacted directly (4-day turnaround! Huzzah!)

Aug. 19 - Mum receives an email asking her to resubmit her passport to TLS for processing

Aug. 21 – Mum travels to KLA and submits her pp. (She was asked to buy a DHL envelope when she got to TLS – the email said all she would need to take is her pp and letter)

Sept. 12 – Email from Director, UKVI received asking mum to complete a survey about her experience (ignored)

Sept. 17 - Notification from UKVI Pretoria that decision has been made and passport returned to processing centre

Sept. 23 – Mum receives text msg to go pick up her “decision” (pp).

Sept. 24 – Mum is turned away at TLS by staff who swears that they would never send applicants a text msg.

Sept. 25 – Mum is discouraged but goes back with print out of the SMS and Sept. 17 email notification and insists that she was asked to come. Turns out the msg had been sent by Back Office staff hence the mixup from the previous day (insert palmface).

In summary, the process was a cocktail of emotions and as I write this, mum is in the UK enjoying her children, grandchildren, and great grand kids. She says it is cold but is happy. I will be visiting for Christmas! Thank you, Tom, for all your reassurances and professionalism. Engaging your service was worth every penny and I would encourage anyone reading this to go this route instead of reapplying.

by Roger Sackey on Adukus Solicitors

Chris of Adukus Solicitors was contacted to assist my brother with his visit application after been refused twice. The job was executed with the highest form of professionalism, thanks to Chris, my brother got granted the visa and he’s currently here in the Uk enjoying his holiday. Thank you so much for your excellent and professional service. You guys are second to none.

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